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painful hard lump underneath tongue

Let me preface this by saying, I have been to a dentist, my PCP, an ENT and an oral surgeon and I am not getting any answers.  Two months ago I began to have pain while eating.  I looked in my mouth and noticed a lump underneath my tongue and it was very painful to the touch and eating.  Now this lump extends the back of my mouth going under my tongue and then connects to the back of my tongue.  The pain is now constant and only lessons with ibuprofen.  I now also have pain going to my ear and to the back of my head when I move my tongue a certain way, so I have to be careful not to move it that way.  I have had a CT scan, been treated with 2 rounds of antibiotics, and was also told to stop using Colgate.  The oral surgeon told me to come back in a month if it is not any better and sent me to yet again another ENT.  I am very worried as I am not getting any answers to this problem and it is getting worse.  Any advice on what it could be or what I could do?  The headache pain is a new symptom that just started in the last few days.  Only my dentist and PCP said I needed a biopsy, the Oral surgeon and ENT did not seemed concern.  I can not eat much of anything without writhing in pain.  Thanks
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Thank you for your help.  I went back to the ENT, and he said because it wa snot getting any better, even thought the CT scan was negative, he was going to remove whatever it is.  He is also going to remove the Leukoplakia??  that he found on the side of my tongue.  He said it could be precancerous.  I will have this done as soon as my insurance will approve it.  
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It just occured to me that I did not answer any of your questions.  I do not wear anything on my teeth.  I do not have any sharp edges or worn egdes on my teeth either.  I do not remember injuring myself at all, and that is what the Dr. have said that it looks like I injured myself.  Being that it has been there for now almost 3 months, it is hard to believe that it would be an injury.  ANyway, as posted earlier, I will be having surgery and the stuff will be sent to a lab to see what it is or was.  I hope this surgeyr provides me some relief.
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