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safe to have teeth pulled?

i have been losing teeth for several years now.  i have about 5 that have broken off to the gums and another 4 that will be that way because bits and pieces break off from time to time.  i have several medical conditions..some of which are fibromyalgia, collagen vascular, muscular dystrophy, raynauds, diabetes 2, i had repair surgery on an abdominal aortic aneurysm..those are a few. i had an uncle die because he had an infection when dentist removed one of his teeth..infection spread and he passed away.  my concern is that with all my medival history, is it safe for me to have all my broken teeth and roots of the others removed in the general dentist office?  would this be done better in hospital? how safe will it be for me?  i should mention i have always been petrified of dentists :( but, now it is to a point that i do not want to smile any longer.  with economic times and husband losing hours at work, we can not afford it now but would like to know incase things change for us in the future.
thank you for any advice you can offer!
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