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small movable lump under jaw

18 y/o female, smoker, 5'9, 157 lbs

Okay, so about 5 months ago i noticed a kidney bean sized lump under the inside my jaw (that could only be felt when i looked down and it moved to the other side of my jaw bone (the cheek side)). I thought nothing of it because it wasnt a 'characteristic' cancerous lump, as it is smooth, rubbery and movable.

It is located directly under my 2nd molar, in that general area..

I have very bad anxiety, so i started freaking out about it 2 months later and saw my doctor. he wasnt really too concerned at all and said that its a swollen submandibular gland and there is 'gravel' in it causing a little blockage which causes it to swell(he told me this without any tests or anything, just by feeling it). so he told me to suck on lemons to stimulate the gland. i did just that and the gland did get a little smaller to about the size of a pea and became way more mobile. once it started shrinking i stopped with the lemons because they are gross.

Anyway, 5 months later and its still here and still pea sized, hasnt changed. The one thing that i have noticed is that around the same time i noticed the lump, my gums on top of my wisdom teeth(or where they should be) were tender and swollen, along with tolerable pain in my jaw. so maybe the two are related somehow? I have a tiny jaw and i know that my wisdom teeth are most likely badly impacted. (my moms were also severely impacted)

I have a dentist appointment next week so hopefully theyll know what this lump is (do dentists deal with salivary glands?) and if its in any relation to my wisdom teeth, because my doctor wasnt much help (in regards to my anxiety)

Any advice as to what this could be and if i should go into panic mode?

Thanks in advance!!
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You may have oral herpies. Each time you the lump grows you probably get a sore in you mouth or one the outside of it. Just a guess.  
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