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I wrote before about a sore tongue it feeling like sandpaper and it being pale.  well the soreness has gone away but my tongue is still pale(white) and sandpaper texture.  My doctor has told me that I have a low vitamin d level and given me a supplement for the problem. I went to the dentist and he told me that my tongue was the way it was and it may be due to a nutritional problem. told me to see nutritionist, I didnt see how that would solve my tongue to go back to normal by this time i had already been taking vitamin and the soreness had gone away. I went back to my doctor and thats when he took blood work, a couple of days later got the news of low vitamin d level.  He also gave me fluconaze which really has not work he said it looks a little like thrush but was not sure gave it to me anyway. am on the second week of fluconase and no change.  My question is could my vitamin d level be the reason for my tongue being white  the level was a 21 out of a range of 32-100.  please help My whole life has changed because of this and all i want is a normal tongue.
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