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Best freind Problem

Lately my best mate has been a bit of a ****....
He'd been going out with this girl... she dumped him about a month ago after she just stopped feeling the same way about him.... she doesnt know why.
about two days before I had been completely crushed by the girl I really liked when i found out she'd been using me
His girlfriend/ex girlfriend is the one who told me because she thought i needed too know before I began to like her more... obviously i thanked her for telling me...
After then me and her started getting very close and began to feel very strongly for each other...
and my friend started getting very annoyed that i was spending soo much time with her and when he found out we liked eachother he almost lost it... at this point hes still my very good friend but hes been talking behind my back to everyone else and saying hes trying his hardest to make her as jealous as he can obviously its not working but hes started going out with some one who is a good friend of mine... I think its to make his ex who is now my girlfriend jealous but im not sure... i just dont want him hurting her .... i keep thinking all i want to doo is punch him in the face for it but im not even sure if he is tryin to my girlfriend jealous ... can you tell me a way to find out or just mentally crush him in general....
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this is a great one for Dr. Pomerances's relationship forum.


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