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Do I have a problem?

Okay, so I got in a very large argument with my dad, to the point I you could say I didn't want to ever come back to his house, or see him.. then he goes outside for a minute.. He come back inside and I was talking to my brother, then I started talking to him very excitedly and like nothing had happened.. then he accused me of being schizafrenic or bipolar or something.. Should I get checked to see if I am perhaps?
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I wouldn't sign yourself up for any diagnostic group just yet, but it does sound like you are having a tough time.  

Why not sit down with a mental health professional and let them know what you are going through and see what advice they have.  It sounds like at least you could use some new techniques for dealing with difficult situations.


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I believe you're right. I guess when he said that it set my mind into that state of mind..

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