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Skin Picking Treatment

Last night after extensive picking of my legs and breats I thought to myself this is insane.  It's been a week since I picked until last night, but still this has to stop.  I took out my bio oil and mederma and smothered my legs and breasts in it.  This has been going on for about 9 months.  I then for some reason decided to google this shameful habit and came across a previously posted question on this website.  It wasn't until then that I realized this picking I do is a bigger problem than previously thought.  I am currently on sertraline and see a psychiatrist and now realize we probably need to switch my medication.  I am also going to look into the hynotherapy route.  I've always wondered if the scars will go away or if I'm always going to be wearing jeans in the summer and never let anyone see my breasts for the rest of my life.  After reading some stories I know at some point with proper treatment my condition will get better but what about the marks the picking leaves behind?  What are some options, preferrably inexpensive, to eliminate any scarring left? Also, have I permanently damaged the glands in my breasts? If I have children can I still breast feed?  So happy to know I am not alone but very upset about the damage I have done to myself.  

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I deal extensively with skin picking and agree that you have a good chance of beating the problem with persistence and a therapist who knows this area.  (See grossbart.com and trich.org for details.)  

As to the medical impact and scar removal issues that is more a question for the Dermatology Forum.

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