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Please help my son everything time he coming aroud his stepmother his behavior change where he hate us . this person don't stay from son make him use drugs make make lier again us.but court decide to place him with her sister who is not related to my son. I have to go court monday in kenneth missouri I problable ending lose him all this work I did to take my son conseling in therapy son anything but court think he better off with then. I love my son this woman love to maniputed this child. Please help me
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I'm sorry the courts have placed your son outside of your immediate family.
Your distress and anguish are understandable given the circumstances.  What parent wouldn't be hurt and upset by having their child taken away?

Make sure you apply for access so that you at least have some time and contact with your son.  Are you able to appeal the process (or placement of your son)?

The effort you did make to take your son to therapy would not have been wasted.  It is unfortunate he won't be able to continue with that though.

I just wanted to write and wish you well for court on Monday.  It sounds like you need all the support you can get.

Good luck and best wishes.


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