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well I have one Toshiba and one dell  like em both ..
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H Ha Ha got it LOL
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I have 7 Hp's, one dell, one acer, some shuttles (4), 2 apples, 9 misc. built ones.  I think that is it.  I gave one to MJIthewriter when she was having problems that I updated for her & installed internet security, and the younger one got my Sony laptop 2.8 gig, 40 gig hard drive that I got from CompUSA 4 yrs. ago, along with 3 other computers which included one that I put a 7600gt 512mb, ddr2 card in recently so she could play the latest Sims as her other computers wouldn't handle the new stuff in it.....

I had to stop getting more computers as I was running out of room.  I sold a few for small $ to some friends....they were Hp also.  So overall, HP wins for me.  

My youngest is going for Computer Help Desk Support so she is really interested in learning more now about security, etc.

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I've always been an IBM lover but latest one is a Toshiba and really like that too.
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I am an HP lover --- they are easy to recover back to factory settings!
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I'm an Apple fan. Being an artist, it's almost impossible to evolve in "my world" if not on Mac! I love the user friendly policy which makes me feel less of a moron! lol.
The only tiny mistake I made when I bought my laptop is that I took a too big one and it's pretty uncomfortable to transport...
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I like my asus M70,..I work with graphics software daily and it keeps up.  Had a couple of hardware / software issues and they remedied them, since then running well.
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