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Computer just shutting down

Hi there I play World of Warcraft After about 1 hr my computer just shuts down on me ,I have brought my computer in to get checked and there is nothing wrong everything is working well, the strange thing is my computer played it well with no problems before. Any help on this would be appreciated.  
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lol The number of problems is endless lol exaciapialy with the amount of info given.

Thus before anyone can help you here are some things we will need
Whats your OS(operrating system) (it really does matter)
What are all the spec of your PC or at least the P/N if youve made no upgrades.
Does it only happen when you play WoW?
Does your Comp make any nosies when it turns off on you?
Have you added anything new, since3 it started?
Do you have an Anti virus program? (there some decent ones for free if you dont)
What can be causing this is endless
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Did it just power off suddenly?

If so, that is likely a temperature problem.
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op system 32 bit
windows vista home basic
mem 1.5 gb
Intel R Celeron [email protected] mem 1.5 gb
acer aspire 5315.

It only shuts down when playing wow, I can run it all day  with no problem, I am going to write to wow tech , maybe it is something with them thanks , here is the info maybe it will help thanks.

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First good luck and tell us what they say
second blah i cannot find your pc unless its a notebook kind.

The problem still stands it could be alot of different problems :( something I need to know is if you changed anything before you started having trouble. I'm sure you know this but make sure your running it as administartor and to check to see if its a cpu problem trying opening alot of web pages and doing things to cause alot of work on your comp to see it it fails you in the same way.

Sadly without being there i can't really tell you whats wrong. It takes a lot of info that your pc may or may not give to solve a problem like this..
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Thank you for the help, it is  An  Acer Aspire 5315 lap top, I will check to see if it is running as administrator, I believe it is. Another thing if you can help me with. How do I  reduce my disk space My c drive is showing red and d drive is hardly used, I have defragged drive c and it still is maxed. Thank you in advance if u can help me with this. Sandy
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you could always try and delete excess files you no longer need.
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if it's a laptop, then I'd hazard a guess that it's a heat related issue.  WOW is very graphic intensive, and that causes a lot of CPU to render, since laptops don't have much of a separate graphics system.  any dust at all in the cpu heat sink or fan, or anywhere else in the case for that matter will really affect the way the computer deals with heat - when you use it, are the cooling vents and ports clear for air to circulate?  make sure of that!
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go in the BIOS and see what the shutdown temp is, might be hot cpu......
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