Ive never tried it and was wandering what you all think about it. I perfer XP as it stands now but im  building my own pc and this looks like an option for me.
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Its not for everyone. What do you primarily do on your computer? Might be worth borrowing someone's linux machine and try some of the things you normally do.
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o i do so much crap.
Play MMO's
listen to music
other random crap

No one i know has linux on theres but maybe i can install it on this old scap thing i got from my teach
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I've been using linux exclusively for about 6 years, and it blows the doors off microsoft or osx or whatever commercial product you are using.  It will do any and all things that you would want a computer to do.  try a live CD - available from most major distros of linux - try Ubuntu, that is what I use, solid, reliable, easy to use

try it, or you'll never know!

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I use backtrack fom thumbdrive  which is great because i can use it from any machine i am accessing.
and i really like it.
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Linux is pretty much for experienced computer users. But a distro called Ubuntu is reducing the difficulty of simple PC users using Linux. I used Linux exclusively for 3 or 4 months at a certain point on my laptop, and it was probably the best months I ever had on my laptop. But then I had to go back to Windows because everyone just wants to support the corporate devil known as Microsoft, and the programs I needed to use didn't have Linux support or the ability to emulate under Linux user the WINE windows capability layer.

You should probably give it a shot one day, but preferably on a separate partition so you don't destroy all of your data on your hard drive. You can resize the partition on your hard drive to make a new one. That would probably be worthy posting in another topic...because I don't want to go into the details about that. lol
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there is really no need to dual boot anymore as alot of distros can run off live cd/dvd or flash/thumdrive, so you can still have your windoze runnin off HDD.
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