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100% occluded carotid, 28%EF, Bypass surgery, stage 4 heart failure

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I am a 52 year old male with sleep apnea,congestive heart failure (EF28%), an implanted ICD, severe coronary artery disease to the heart, had bypass surgery in 2000, 9 stents since then and recently started having TIA's with memory loss, slurred speech, confusion and was told I now had a 100% blockage in my left carotid artery and was told surgery was not an option. Am on Coumadin 10-mg per day, Digoxin .125mg per day, Aspirin 325mg per day, Aggrenox 1000 mg twice a day, Isosorbide 30mg 3 times a day, Enalpril 10mg per day.
I have been fighting this heart and neurological problem for 10 years now and am now going into A-Fib at least twice a day for the past month.
My Doctors have said there is nothing left to do. My QUESTION :  I guess it's one that no one really wants to answer believing that the diagnoses may lead to a self fulfilled expectation, but for personal and financial purposes I really need someone who is willing to give me a straight forward answer about what my chances are of being around or at least capable of making decisions 6 months or a year from now? I know they are not good, but no one will even try to give me a clue! I am the type person who needs to face reality and can take it. The wondering if I have a day or 2 weeks is enough stress on me to cause a problem! Could someone PLEASE at least try and give me a clue? Like some averages for a patients survival rate with my conditions!
Thank You,
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Dear doctornee,
Thank you for your responce! After "connecting the dots" that my Cardioplogist, primary care Doctor and the head nurse of a heart study I was in, I have realised that they have given me my answer! I just needed to be able to connect the dots and accept the answer. While no one knows the exact time frame, I do know what the near future has instore for me. This makes it much easier to handle. While some people like to remain in the dark about death, I am just the opposite!
So, now it is time to love, live and laugh, which I intened to do for however much time I have left here on earth! I can't say I'm ready to go, but I can say I'm going to live each day to it's fullest....like everyone should do!
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Hi Yvette,
Thank you so much for your reply.
Yes, I have spoken to my Cardiologist about statistics. His answer is based on the fact that he believes that "that type of information will lead to a self fulfilled proficy". So, he refuses to give out any statistics of the life span of someone that has my problems. While I do understand where he is coming from, I also honestly need an idea of what to possibly expect.
I was told by one of my other doctors to just make sure my affairs were in order. This makes me believe that my statistics are not that great. And, in order to receive some of the care that I have received, I joined a study goup of people with my condition 2 years ago....."I am the only one of the group that is still living".
I guess in all honesty I already know the answer, but I'm a number cruncher by nature and love to beat the odds!!!!   LOL
The head nurse of the study say's: " I've laughed my way through conditions that would take nearly anyone else out and that it was my sense of humor that has carried me this far, but for me to realise It will not hold death or a stroke off forever."
So, after reading the note you left me on here, I've realised....I have been given my answer by my medical team, I was just not connecting the dots!
So, thank you SO MUCH for helping me to see that they have answerd my question, just no one likes to use the word death!
Dang, I feel better now and I really do honestly thank you for helping me read (between the lines), because often it is not what is said, but what is not!
At this point I have made all of the arrangements I possibly can...all the way down to what is said at my funeral, music played, headstone in place and all is paid for!!! I have been preparing my wife and children (the best you can anyway)  for the day my body gives up the ghost.
So, now I think it's time to enjoy myself and continue to love, laugh and live!!!!
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
You are right! It is a tough one to predict. A lot will depend on collateral circulations if any. If the area of the brain supplied by the left carotid artery will develop collateral circulation, then the chances of further TIA and memory loss will be minimized. Hence this has to be checked on a regular basis.  Also if surgery is not an option due to your heart condition, maybe stenting can be tried. Please discuss this with your doctor. Only your treating physician can answer this best for you.
Hope this helps. Take care!

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Hi Allan,

My heart goes out to you; you've been through A LOT and you are so young (my age.)

Have you asked the doctors point-blank what they think as far as the chances you'll be around in 3 days, 3 weeks, and 3 months are? I'm not a doctor, but from what I understand in attending seminars (I'm a writer and often cover medical topics), it can be difficult for doctors to bring up the subject of a person's prognosis. No one has a crystal ball and everyone is different, but they have charts and should be able to tell you what % of patients with a similar medical profile are alive in a certain period from now.
Or you could also ask if the doctor was you, how would they go about things at this point.  

If you're not comfortable talking with the doctors about your concerns (needing to know how much time to get your affairs in order, etc.), what about talking with one of his or her nurses? Sometimes they're easier to have a tough discussion with and they can bend the doctor's ear and relay the info.  

I wish I could offer better advice.
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