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I have a leaky heart valve (mild) but dont know which one.  I have a sharp pulsing "heartbeat" pain in my abdomen right above my belly button.  When pressed on, I get a very sharp pain shooting through to my back and around my kidney area.  The pain comes and goes and has been happening about a year now.  I have had a sleeve gastrectomy where part of my stomach was removed through the bottom of my belly button 4 years ago but it never bothered me.  I saw a GI doctor who did the colon and GI tract testing but found nothing wrong.  So now I am wondering if there is a possibility of this being the beginning of an abdominal aortic aneurysm?  How would I find out?  I also have vascovagal syncope with extreme low blood pressure and low pulse with poor circulation. (boy I'm a mess).  Any ideas?
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