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Beginning of CF?

Hi So I am a 28 year old female and was born with TOF all 4 ailments, and had repair 6 months old.... last year after my heart kept going 250 bpm i had an SVT ablation that turned into A Fib ablation, well since then this for past year i been out of breath exercise and going up and down stairs just walking my heart would race, Edema both legs with pitting (1 cardiologist I saw said it worse than what he seen in stage 4 CHF PT) we decided to do echo which showed pressure elevation within my heart and Pulmonary Stenosis is making reappearance though very mild since i was getting worse she did a cardiac MRI and showed from Echo 9/1 to MRI 9/21 LVEF went from 59 to 55% and RVEF is at 46% with pressures still elevated and PS same.

Ejection Fraction = 46%
End Diastolic Volume = 115 mL
Indexed End Diastolic Volume = 65 mL/m2
End Systolic Volume = 63 mL
Indexed End Systolic Volume = 35 ml/m2
Stroke Volume = 34mL

Right Ventricular Cardiac Output: 5 L/min
Right Ventricular Cardiac Index: 2.8 L/min/m2

Ejection Fraction = 55 %
End Diastolic Volume = 99.3 mL
Indexed End Diastolic Volume = 55.8 mL/m2
End Systolic Volume = 44 mL
Indexed End Systolic Volume = 25 mL/m2
Stroke Volume = 55 mL
Myocardial Mass =  41 g/m2.

LVCO: 5.2 L/min
LVCI: 2.93 L/min/m2

Now I know decreased function right side but left now went from 59% to 55% which means also possibly declining. Is this with symptoms that dx of heart failure in its self or should she get more testing to confirm suspicions? She already told me we will talk soon but just general idea what could happen would be helpful.
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