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CHF or Pneumonia?

A dear friend in his early 80's, never really sick, has & is being treated for congestive heart failure...although no problems in past few years. He is also on coumadin but not sure the reason,,,has a cardiologist. Just had his yearly check with cardio Dr a few weeks ago & all well.
A few days ago he was unusually exhausted...then could not sleep that night.  Slept off & on all day.  The next night he began wheezing...next day still exhausted.  Has had a runny nose for a month but it is clear. Voice sounds a bit different.  Finally made app with Fam Dr for today...by the time he arrived at Dr's totally worn out.  I'm thinking he should have gone to cardio DR.  This family Dr diagnosed pneumonia after listening to lungs & I suppose heart too.  Can you tell just from that?  He placed him on antibiotic & did tell him to check back if not a bit better tomorrow.  Your thoughts?
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