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Confused re drug side effects

I have heart failure - don't know if it is congestive or not. .I have prosthetic Mitral valve,bi-ventricular pacemaker and understand it is pacing all time. In AFall time.  I am confused by the drug RAMIPRIL.  The leaflet in box and details in British Formulary list WEIGHT LOSS as a side effect (I have lost 6 kilos).
On the Internet there are many letters regarding weight gain but nothing about weeight loss. Why is this?
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Here's some input 6 years after the OP from someone that is not a doctor.

Most people are happy with weight loss (under appropriate circumstances). Weight gain though...not so much. Most people will label that (weight gain) a problem and search for a solution. If Ramipril is the most significant change in their lifestyle, that may stand out as the culprit.

I went on Ramipril 1 month ago. Personally I have never, and I mean never in my life, experienced unwanted increases in weight. For the first time in my 28 years, I have have now EXPERIENCED NOTICEABLE, UNWANTED INCREASES IN WEIGHT... AGHHH! It may be my metabolism slowing down due to many reasons including age, but I'm wondering if Ramipril is the most significant factor as that is the only change I have made in my life over the past month. So here I am, Googling for insight and thought I might comment along the way. FWIW, if I had lost healthy weight rather gained weight after taking Ramipril, I would not be Googling and searching different boards concerning Ramipril.

Anyone have a related experience to share or know if weight gain is a common side effect of Ramipril?
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