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Does anyone have any experience with the drug Entresto for heart failure?

Hello - My sister has CHF and her doctor has talked to her about a fairly new drug called Entresto.  She is excited about it, but I am wondering about it as it is a new drug.  Does anyone take this drug or know anything about it?  
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I was just diagnosed with CHF about a month ago. I started out taking lisinopril but then switched to Entresto once my insurance company approved it, as it was not on their formulary. It's only been a few weeks of treatment so far, but I have had no adverse reactions. In the first few days I did feel dizzy for a short time about an hour after taking it, and my blood pressure was down to 79/54. But my body has gotten used to it and now I don't feel any effects. I can't speak for its effectiveness this soon but I have high hopes that it will work better than an ACE inhibitor alone.
My husband started taking it a few weeks ago. Was on lisinopril. His EF about 40% with medication before Entresto. I am little leery that there is so little to read about it other than manufacturer marketing. I liked the tried and true but t doctors felt it was not helping as much as they would like. He is picture of health otherwise.
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Just wondering if you guys would be kind enough to share how your doing now after taking it for a while as well as any side affects you may have had.
my husband takes entresto. apparantly it is very expensive. we have not noticed much difference and in fact he was hospitalised shortly after starting it (not related i don't think)
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