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Ejection Fraction Rate and CHF

I am 3 years post cabgX4 I am only 51 non-smoker, non-drinker, non-drug abuser. I have an ejection fraction rate of 27 which I understand is low or not good. Can I in some way improve that and am I more susceptible to chf because of it. I take 40mg lasix once daily, is that enough?
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Hi Scott,

Click on my picture and read my profile and you will see the medications that I take.

I have a 15% Ejection Fraction - since '03
Once in '07 it increased to 22% - but it is back to 15%

Scott - you need to learn more about CHF and we need to know - what you have been told - as to why you have CHF.

First - I copied this for you:

"There is no cure for heart failure, but it can be controlled by treating the underlying conditions that cause it. The goals for treatment are to improve symptoms, stop it from getting worse, and prolong life span."

I got that from:


Next - I gained a lot of benefit from visiting this site - when I was first diagnosed.

See: http://chfpatients.com/

Scott - the thing that I want to impress upon you the most - is that you must do research and teach yourself about your condition.  And then you should review questions with your Cardiologist - and get results from medications - and if he cannot treat you properly - get a new PCP or Cardiologist -

because - there are 3 or 4 basic medication approaches to treating CHF - and you should be treated with:

Diuretic........................You are.............
ACE Inhibitors

If your Doctor(s) conclude that these will be helpful.  But only you will know - if you ask questions and research.

You've had "cabg"

What is recommended that you do - for your Coronary Artery Disease?  Remember - this will kill you - separate from CHF.  Are you on a Statin?

You asked:

"Can I in some way improve that and am I more susceptible to chf because of it."

You might be able to improve on it - with lifestyle changes - that only you and your Doctor and your research can provide.

A low EF is the consequence of a heart condition - to put it in layman's terms.

Will the low EF contribute to additional problems?  In my opinion - I think so.


SaylorRose made a helpful post re:
CO Q10, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C

Those of us that use supplements - really believe that they help us - and they do.  And there are a lot more holistic things that we could be doing.  Please - always check with your Doctor first.

And finally Scott:

You said: "I take 40mg lasix once daily, is that enough?"

Only you and your doctor will know that.

I maintain myself nicely on 80 mgs/day

I'm 58 - overweight - and I don't retain fluids in my ankles or legs - but in my abdomen.  If I feel I need it - I am allowed to take and extra 40 mgs in the afternoon - and as you get to know your body - you will know too - what to do if you feel you have too much fluid retention.

Diuretics lower your Blood Pressure - from what I remember.  Get yourself a BP monitor cuff kit from the Pharmacy and check your vitals.  It tells you your heart rate too.

Best of luck - Scott - write anytime if you have questions or just need to talk.


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I take coq10, vitamin d3, and C.  Basically because my kidney doctor says at this point it's not going to hurt me......and yes, that is meant exactly that way.

I don't know if any of it is doing me any good, but I'm still breathing, so it's not doing any harm, I don't think.

Something my kidney doctor told me that I found extremely interesting is that COQ10 is a natural statin drug, which supposedly removes plaque from artery/vein walls. Personally, I have used diet to remove the plaque, and was given a "clean" bill of health as far as my arteries and veins go.  Too bad the rest of me is on it's way out...my heart is at 20%, and I'm in stage 5(end stage) renal failure.  

I guess if you aren't too far gone these vitamins can help, but remember, you can't just take them once in a while to realize their benefits.
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I was at a 25% ejection fraction put on 3.125 Coreg 2x a day ( lowest dosage ) and my heart went back to 60% within 6 months. I was also on Lasix 40 mg. Some other things I have done a ton of research and I have found that there are a few vitamins that have shown great success. CO Q10, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C there are a few others in the heart failure research that are suppose to work well for it too. I've never been big on vitamins but I figured why not if they can't hurt, they either do nothing or help in some way.

Good luck!
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Along with lasix, Coreg 25 mgs 2xday is usually prescribed for a low EFR.  Coreg is supposed to help the heart beat stronger, and sometimes it can improve the EFR.  In my case it hasn't done much, but I know of several people it has worked for.

Hope this helps.
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