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Ejection fraction 25-30%

my husband was given four dx at once regarding his heart.  heart failure, ejection fraction of 25-30%, irregular heart beat, weakness of the heart muscular.  he continues to work, he is a grave digger, digs graves by hand, sets 280 lbs headstones by himself, lowers 4-800 lbs caskets with one other person by hand, and much more, all out in the heat and cold of the weather.  He gets so tired that he falls asleep on his way home and sleeps all the time once home and on his day's off.  Should he continue to do this manual labor?  I told him to quit and file for SSDI, state guidelines are below 30%, but he is stubburn....is he going to die doing this manual labor?
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What state are you in? Are you sure their guidelines are below 30%.That just seems odd when a measurement under 40% is most often evidence of heart failure or cardiomyopathy.I have had heart failure since I was 39 and am now 48,It took me nearly 2 years to get disability.He should file. We will all die,but nobody can say for certain that the work your husband does will increase the rate of when he dies. The very least he should think about himself and want some comfort in life  not working himself so hard that he falls asleep on his way home from work. You must both remember that his heart is weak and the heart muscle does not contract effectively and less oxygen-rich blood is pumped out to the body. So at times he will still feel so tired without working so hard.
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Your husband really should stop working. Ejection fraction that low qualifies for SSI and cardiac rehab. He is in no condition to do what he is doing. I sure hope by now he is doing well and listened to you. I too had heart failure this year and it takes time to heal.
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