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Failing Heart


I am Babur from Pakistan.
The reason that i am writing here is that my father who is now 62 has a failing heart.
He was perfectly healthy till last year January, when he had a cardiac arrest, fortunately he was at hospital when it happened, after 20 min of CPR followed by angioplasty he survived the attack, but the eco-cardiogram of the heart showed 30-35% at that time, last October when his eco was done again it came down to 27%. Few days back he started having the problem of swollen ankle, sleeplessness and shortness of breath. then he was hospitalized for couple of days where doctors gave him Dubotamine along with lasix, after 2 days his wait was reduced by 6 kg and the breath and ankles were ok, but now again his ankles are swollen.
Kindly need you advise on what to do?
Other than this heart problem, he has no other problem.
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how is he being treated for the heart failure? is he on any medication or will he have a transplant. im not sure about the swollen ankles though id speak to a doc about this, his heart will need treating because the eco shows its getting weaker. let me know how you get on
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The swelling, and problems with breathing, are most likely congestive heart failure, and the treatment your father received is correct.  However, ongoing lasix would be helpful for at home.

Congestive heart failure can be controlled well with Coreg, lasix, a low sodium diet, and other meds that his doctor thinks would be beneficial in his situation.  No alcohol, or smoking, and when the swelling is great, it would help for him to keep his feet up as much as possible.  Also, sleeping in a semi-upright position is very helpful to keep his lungs from filling with fluid.

The bottom line is, the fluid buildup in his body needs to be addressed, and lasix is a great drug for that.  

I hope this helps.
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Have you considered being evaluated for a transplant or an LVAD ?
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