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Heart Failure at 41

This past march I ended up in the ER with severe back pain and was surprised when I was told I was having a heart attack.one artery was 100% blocked the other was 90% blocked. I ended up with five stents a left ventricle ejection fraction of 30% and told I have congestive heart failure. I have 5 children and Im angry and I feel cheated. I had been to the doctors numerous times for shortness of breath and my left foot swelling up and rapid pulse. It was always passed off as something else and had nothing to do with my heart.The doctor did test back in 2008 and my HDL was low LDL normal never checked triglycerides and the c reactive protein test was also high and my liver test was also high. My doctor never ordered more test told me to exercise and stop smoking and insinuated I drink. I told her that I dont drink I smoke less then half a pack a day and Im very active I also told her that I watch what I eat but dont loose weight either. I feel like my doctor didnt do her job. any suggestions on how to handle this?
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     Heart failure occurs as a result of certain risk factors namely coronary artery disease, diabetes, hypertension, cardiomyopathy, abnormal heart valves, smoking, alcohol abuse, sedentary life style, consumption of caffeine, nicotin etc.
Treatment  of heart failure is by treating the underlying condition that lead to heart failure, life style changes, surgery if any valvular abnormality present and with drugs.
You should get a lipid profile test done and depending upon the results further treatment options can be analysed. Best.
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QUOTE:I had been to the doctors numerous times for shortness of breath and my left foot swelling up and rapid pulse.

>>>>>I never had any symptoms until heart failure (EF below 29%) 6 years ago.  I was admitted into ER just based on shortness of breath, dry cough at night when inclined (lung edema) and a heart rate of 115. I was totally shocked to heart I had had a heart attack...thought I had a respiratory problem.  I have a totally blocked LAD (has developed other vessels to feed the deficit area) and a stent was implanted in the RCA.

The symptoms you have listed in your post would certainly cause a professional evaluation and tests to rule out a heart problem for the hospital I went.  Usually, perpheral edema due to heart failure (EF <30%) would include both legs and abdomen,  And I suppose smoking, and lack of exercise can cause shortness of breath and faster than normal heart rate; I don't believe anyone should be turned away with symtoms you had without ruling out a serious condition.  Sorry to hear of your misfortune, and I can identify with your symtpms.  I wish you better care in the future, and your experienced has not caused serious irreversal harm.

After care from my event has returned my heart to normal size, and is pumping normally.
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The only way to handle your situation is to find yourself a new doctor.

Speaking from experience, unless you die from the gross mismanagement of your health by a health professional, there is very little you can do.

There are places on line that have Dr. report cards, where you can go and tell your story about your doctor, and perhaps put a black mark on her record,  but other than that the doctor pretty much has all the rights.

And, JFYI, until you're smoking ZERO cigarettes a day, don't expect a cardiologist to do much for you.  They just sit on their hands until you totally quit smoking, and get your weight into their model.  Good luck.
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