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High Blood pressure age of 30

Hi Guys, I have recently visited doctor for cold fever and found out that I have high blood pressure. On the day it was 140/90 and next days it was 158/104 and same continued. Doctor prescribed me to take blood test and the result is I have normal cholesterol but high levels of Triglycerides i.e. 256 . Is it the same Triglycerides which is the reason for High blood pressure or any other reason. At the age of 30 how can I get high blood pressure. Thank you.
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Idiopathic hypertension (hypertension with no identifiable cause) is very common (95% of all cases of hypertension).

In your case you could call it bad luck, unless there are reasons for your hypertension.
Reasons could be stress, too much intake of salt or liquorice sweets, being overweight etc.

To get a good idea of your average bp, you should repeat the measurement several times during a period of a few days/weeks and take the average of the values.

With lifestyle changes, you can perhaps get the bp within normal range, otherwise you probably need medication to prevent cardiovascular diseases in the long run.
Thank you for you concern. Yesterday it was again 160/100, so doctor prescribed medication. And I am on tablets now. Is it ok to start the medication or is it early. Could I stop medication and change my lifestyle to get some changes?
A healthier lifestyle can get your bp down, but with 160/100 I doubt if lifestyle changes alone will get you in the healthy range.

It is better to take the medication and adopt a healthy lifestyle. If, in the future, your bp drops to low range values you can ask your doctor to lower or even stop the medication.
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