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Low blood pressure while treadmilling
I;m 77..with CHF...heart attack 5 yrs ago....am taking 50mg cozaar..25mg aldactone...25mg Toprol XL..lasix if needed...EF is about 30%.   Have been treadmilling since about January with my BP normally going up about 20mg while actually walking on treadmill and then dropping back down to normal little bit afterward.  But for about a week now I've checked BP while walking because I feel extra tired and am noticing my BP is dropping during the treadmilling instead of going up.......should I be concerned about this?   First time I've had this happen and not sure If should keep treadmilling or need to call my doctor.  My bp in morning is about 135/80.....take my meds and it will drop to about 115/70.........but when treadmilling it is now dropping to 105/58 or little lower..........about 30-40 minutes later it has returned to my normal reading.......perhaps I just read too much but everything I read says the normal reaction to treadmilling would be for the BP to rise some therefore my concern.
Thanks for this great website....have been a fan of Cleveland Clinic for many years..........
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