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Low blood pressure with chest pain and more

I had almost all the heart test done and my Cardiologist said everything is ok but I still continue to have low blood pressure with chronic chest pain, pain on the left nipple, tingling/numbness in the left hand and arm and  tachycarcdia at rest and over 150 if I move. Is it possible that its only anxiety related or psychosomatic like the Cardio Doc think? I do smoke but avoid caffeine and sugar, dont exercise cause of the heart pain and feel all the time tired and exhausted. Also feel dizzy and have orthostatic hypotension. In the past my normal blood pressure was around 135/80, now its 100/55 and can increase to 115/85 when im having a panic attack. Dont feel like I cant breath and seem that the pain and other issues are worse when I lack of sleep or under more stress. Take a small 10 to 15 mg of Inderal a day for the tachycardia, was working in the past but its doing nothing for the tachycardia now and if I increase the dose my blood pressure drop more and almost faint. I also drink sport drink high in salt like my Cardio Doc suggest to help me to have a normal blood pressure but its seem that the more I drink salty liquid and lower will be my blood pressure. What is the problem? Is it possible that I have an artarial blockage who never show on several EKG and stress test or echocardiography? Thanks for your help.
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