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Mother 67 CHF

My Mother is 67 and a long history of illness, first major stroke at 36, her heart valves where damaged due to rheumatic fever as a child, aortic and mitral replaced in 1983. She has had multiple cva's, left side of brain completely damaged from strokes and two brain surgeries. She is always in atrial fibrillation, has CHF, pulmonary hypertension, she is on all the medicine that is suppose to help. Also thyroid trouble and anemic. And level 3 dysphasia has recently aspirated. Now she has a cough and has had it now for two months, has been treated for aspiration pneumonia still coughing more at night, always has a gurgling sound in her throat, low blood pressure, very low dystolic pressure. I can hear congestion in her right bottom lobe, last X-ray shows nothing but she can not take a deep breath and hold it so would the X-ray pick up the congestion. She is not swelling in the extremities she never has.. She gets tired easy, short of breath walking and eating, urinating more at night, I just don't know what is going on doctors are not much help. Anyone tell me what to do...
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