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Persistant high blood pressure with medication

I am a 65 year old male on an ACE inhibitor (10mg Peridopril+5mg amlopidine) a calcium channel blocker (32mg candesartin - Atacand)  and a a beta blocker (50mg Atenolol) PLUS 40mg atorvastatin for lipids but my blood pressure is still averaging 165/80. My blood tests come back normal so is there anything further that my doctor should be looking into to deal with this? I have never been referred to a cardiologist about any of this.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Because this is a heart failure forum, you might want to direct your post to one of the more general forums. However, two things to consider:

1. Seconday causes of high blood pressure: ie alcohol consumption, using medications like ibuprofen, untreatd sleep apnea, etc can all cause difficult to treat high BP

2. There are other medications out there that can be used and you should discuss these with your cardiologist. You may simply have difficult to control hypertension (but most of the time even tough cases are controllable).

Good luck.

Dr. Rich
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