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Pretty sure I have heart failure, seeing doc soon

So some background: I'm a 20 year old male, live in the US, 5'9" and 120lbs.

I know I'm not exactly at the greatest risk for heart issues but I've had some alarming symptoms that just keep getting worse. I've had heart palpitations for years, but never developed anything else until now. For the past year, particularly very recently, I've been having shortness of breath, sometimes pretty bad, a pounding heartbeat with it, and some pressure in my chest/a congested feeling. This happens a lot when I sit down or bend over, like to wash my face in the sink. I've had an EKG that was fine, but I plan to see a doc for more tests next week. It's saturday so I don't have any choice but to wait right now. I'm pretty worried because the shortness of breath when bending over thing is listed everywhere as a sure heart failure symptom. I figured I would ask here how much my symptoms really sound like a heart problem. Answers are appreciated. Thanks.
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I too suffer from thinking I have heart failure as well. About 3 years ago I developed this weird pressure bubble feeling in my chest that causes my heart to beat fast and cause shortness of breath. It comes randomly and when I bend over or try to just sit up.  Also, I can no longer even climb stairs or dig with a shovel or work out or play with my daughter or anything that requires movement hardly because even the slightest thing I do causes my heart to pound and I can't breath. I'm 26 years old, 5'8 165 pounds, I'm relatively young still but I've eaten like crap my whole life and don't exercise as much as I used to in high school.  I worry and stress everyday that heart failure is within me. I am too scared to get checked out. I did last year and got a heart x ray and stuff but it came back clean. I also suffer from chronic insomnia and don't sleep for days on end unless I take trazodone. Maybe they go hand and hand. I'm sorry about what your dealing with and I suffer the same things man. If you need someone to talk to whose similar let me know and I'll talk with you. It's always nice to know you're not alone.
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