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Should I take Warfarin with Pacemaker

I,ve implanted amultisite pace maker since 1 year for Dilated Cardiomyopathy and LBBB. I was on warfarin and other drugs as a result of Intraventricular multi clots before pace maker. My Dr told me to stop taking it since I have the Pace maker. I,ve fear of reformation of clots. My question is " Should I have Warfarin gain or not.
Now I,m on:
Digioxin, Atacand, Carvedialol, Laisx, Sastin, and Asprin 81 mg twice.
My cardiac parametres
EF: 48
MR: 1- 2+
TR: 1- 2+
Liver and kidney function tests are more or less within the range. Uric acid is usually high.
Many thanks in advance
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Listen to your doctor, for goodness sakes!  

You are on aspirin AND warfarin? That is usually a no-no.

Warfarin is a dangerous medication with many risks.
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My mom have CHF and cardiomyopathy and had a pacemaker for 12 years.  She was able to take Plavix, but doctors said not Coumadin.  You can have blood work to determine the thickness of your blood.  The aspirin may be enough for you.  
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