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Stroke (expert opinion)

I have alread posted in the stroke community but I am hoping to obtain and expert opinion but im not certain of the relationship. Here is my post just incase.

My mom just had a Acute Ischemic Stroke today at two pm. It was a level- 2 level- B. she has a fever of  102.8. and the just gave her a supository to help with the fever. At the time of admittance her BP was 227/187 but through IV and the use of labetalol it is with-in a normal range. Another MRI will be ran in the morning to find out if she still has blood on her brain.

Is this a really serious stroke. I live in Texas and she is in Michigan. About twenty-five years ago she had a quadruple bypass surgery. I'm trying to determine if her condition is likely to worsen and should I fly there immediately? They are moving her tonight to ICU despite the fever. Is the fever caused from the brain trama?

Thank you for and explanations, opinions and/or help!

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Hello and welcome to the forum.

I am terribly sorry to hear about your mom's stroke.  All strokes are serious but they also come in different shapes and sizes.  Some patients die from the stroke and others have little to no deficits despite the stroke.  Unfortunately, I can not comment specifically on the severity of your mom's stroke.  I would get in touch with the neuro-ICU team that is caring for her and get an update on her condition.

All the best,

Dr. Rich
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I'm sorry to hear that, Randy..
I'm not a doctor, but it stands to reason that strokes can mess with your temp regulation (after all, what can't strokes disrupt?)
As to whether you should fly there right away, what do the doctors treating your mother say? They are trained professionals.
Of course, erring on the side of caution is never a bad thing where your mother is concerned.

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Thank you both very much for your comments. Her recovery is going quite well and although it was a massive stroke she is being released today. Her doctor remarked that it is very rare for a patient to recover so quickly! So we are all very greatful!

Once she regains enough strength she will need a procedure called Carotid endarterectomy to restore normal blood flow. Her memory has been effected since the stroke damaged as much as 30% of her brain but to me she seems normal. Again Thank You!

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