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Throat pain before and after bypass surgery

My father had bypass surgery before one year at his age of 50, we found that one by detecting symptom of pain in his throat while cycling and he had 2 block in his main vein. Now his case is even worser, he cant able to walk for few min. But his ecg is normal but recently taken eco shows mitral and trivial tricuspid regurgitation but our cardiac doctor says its not a problem. Pls suggest me some solution because we said this issue to our surgeon they simply saying dont do any activity that cause pain in throat but we accept for surgery to cure his pain not to sit simple. Pls any doctor's or any person suggest me to take next step. My contact +919042348615. And also my dad taking medicines are gtn sorbitrate 2.6, monit sr 30, dilzem sr 90, imdur 90 and clavix As and also he diabetic so he also taking glucored forte and renerve(vitamin)  
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