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Troponin? HELP!

Long story short, 28 year old female smokers, overweight but working on it. Lived for 4 years eating fast food every day due to depression but dont do that anymore, eating better. worried plaque has built up in my arteries from smoking and bad food. also have high family history of heart atk and stroke.

Been dizzy for two weeks, then husband leaves me because he hates my anxiety (yeah)

Went to the er today because I have had chest pain on and off for months, ekgs have always been normal etc
have low good cholesterol, high bad cholesterol. yesterday the pain got really bad and was under the sternum and on the left side to the left shoulder.

er doc did three heart tests and ekg, because pain is on breastbone, left side and shoulder, worse then ever.
ekg she said was normal.
my troponin was 0.02 and i heard that means you have had a heart attack and she didnt do any more troponin tests like they are supposed too, she says my ck is 62 units (low but normal) and my ck-mb is 0.3 ng/ml also it was troponin I and the abnormal range is 0.04. my homo cysteine is also high.

my chest hurts so bad its like she didnt believe me...im scared bout that troponin all my life it has been zero which is good...help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Oh man! I am so sorry to hear about your husband leaving you, and that you are in so much pain. It sounds like it might be time to go get a second opinion from another doctor. I would go to a heart specialist or even just a primary care doctor. Somewhere other then the ER. ER's tend to be busy places and they sometimes have a tendency to dismiss things more quickly then a specialist would have. I hope this helped and good luck!
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