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What to expect chf

Im a 45 yr old woman. I was just diagnosed with chf with an ejection fraction of 16%. I 've had high blood pressure for over 10 yrs and over active thyroid for 5 yrs. 3 months ago i started getting winded just walking out to my car. And over the next 4 weeks it started gettting worse. It finally got to the point where i couldnt breathe at all. So after the first er visit they sent me home with an inhaler and steriods and told me i had broncitis. 2 weeks later i was back in the er again. Was told i was in a grey area for chf and to follow up with my primary physican. The next day i went and pulled my medical records for my er visit and walked into my urgent care facility and saw the dr there. Who finally explained some of what was going on with me. A few days later i was able to see the cardiologist who set up an echo. I was told my ejection fraction was 16 percent. I was hypoxic and had an unstable heartbeat. So i was hospitalized for 3 days and was told my hypertension and thyroid problems had made the walls in my heart thicken resulting in the stiffening of my heart. Im now on 7 different meds and wear a life vest. Pretty scarry stuff. Im wondering how long it takes for you ef to go up and what i can do (if anything) to help it along. Ive heard many things. Sometimes it wont go bk up
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