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When should I start taking a Statin with Heart Disease in the Family


I am a 42 year old female Group Fitness Instructor & runner (5'2" 120 pounds). I have heart disease on my mother and father's side (my father has had a heart attack & a TIA Stroke). No one is obese, just high cholesterol. I eat very healthy (fruits & veggies, oatmeal every morning, almonds and I use Soy milk and take Fish Oil).

I had my blood taken the other day and found that it shot up. My results: 233 Total---64 HDL---154 LDL---75 Trigl. My brother (41) is a runner and started taking Crestor when his total cholesterol reached 259 (he was also having slight chest pains---all testing came out normal).

My question: Looks like I have it in my cards that I will eventually need to start taking a statin. I am curious to see your thought as to when someone should start taking it. I am nervous about my high numbers as I thought I was doing everything correctly.

Thank you.
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Hello Diane,

"The FDA now says that Crestor should be prescribed for prevention's sake in men ages 50 and up and women 60 and older with normal "bad" cholesterol levels only if they have a CRP of 2 mg/L or higher as well as at least one characteristic that puts them at risk for cardiovascular disease. Those risk factors include a smoking habit, a family history of early heart disease, high blood pressure, and low levels of HDL, or "good," cholesterol (which the American Heart Association says for men is anything below 40 mg/dL). "


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I thought that both a recent study and the Statin Effects Study showed that there was no benefit to women of any age ?

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     Ideally total cholesterol levels should be maintained below 200, but in patient’s with strong family history or risk factors like smoking, alcohol, sedentary life style habits it is advised to maintained below 160. As, mentioned in your post your family history suggests of strong risk factor and it would be better to start satin now itself with diet modifications for preventing life threatening situations. Best.
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