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Will a hospital send someone with CHF home to die?

My boyfriend was admitted on Christmas Eve with CHF.  Last Monday, the 28th, they put a stent in his heart and in his neck.  By Saturday, the 2nd; the nurse had told me that his heart is not strong enough to pump enough blood on it's own and they had him on meds to help and that over the past few days they had tried weaning him off the meds but had been unsuccessful.  That they were considering he might be a candidate for a Ventricular Assist Device.  She said he was considered to be in Critical Condition.  He was still in the Cardiac ICU unit.  I live out of state and the state he's in is still totally shut down due to COVID so no visitors at all.  They nurses will only speak to me when he asks them to update me.  Of course, to me, this news sounded like a death sentence.

Yesterday, the day after getting this news, I spent the day chatting on video chat with him and he had a good day.  The cardiologist came in and said that they had successfully weaned him off the med that was helping his heart pump and they were upping the medications that help make the heart stronger.  He said that the day before was considered a good day.  This gave me great hope.  He was in great spirits, laughing and joking.  Sitting up in bed instead of laying down.  They got him into the chair in his room for a few hours.  He's not able to walk unassisted yet.  They consider him a fall risk.  They still have him using the bed pan.  The furtherest they let him walk, with their assistance is to that chair two feet from his bed.

This morning my boyfriend calls me, doesn't have the nurse update me but tells me that they came and changed the bandage on the IV in his neck and that they said they would be able to remove it tomorrow.  That they will put him under to do it and then they think they will release him to go home by the end of this week.  

This information does not make sense to me.  Could he really have turned around so quickly?  And how can they release him when he can't walk unassisted?  I would think they would release him to rehab.   I'm afraid they are letting him go home, at his request perhaps; to let him pass instead of being in the hospital/rehab where he'd be alone.  I don't think he's giving me all the information.  I guess I just wanted to see if this makes any sense to anyone else.
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