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Young man with severe CHF

My brother is 28 yrs old, and had diabetes and severe CHF. Because of his illness' he cannot get on insurance and because of prior drug use (over a year ago) noone will treat him. Is there anything I can do? We have already lost our mother and our father at very young ages, I cannot sit back and watch my brother go without trying to do something to help him Thanks for any advice.
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Have you tried Government Health plans?  They accept pre-existing, at a price, but when you think about the cost of medical care, versus, the cost of insurance, it still comes out as a good deal, after the 6month waiting period.  

Once he has been on a plan for a year, then he can change to a different health plan, but he will pay the high prices for it also.

Has been gainfully employed for 10 years, prior to becoming ill?  If so, then he has the option of signing up for Social Security Disability, which comes with Medicare, but again, he will pay premiums, and will need a supplemental insurance to pick up the balance, but he'll be looking at a lot lower premiums.

I don't now whether CHF will qualify him for SSD, but it sure wouldn't hurt to check it out, and while he's at, check with Adult and Family services to see if the have a health plan for people in his situation.

Hope this helps......
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Do you live in the US? if so have you tried applying for social security, he would get money every month to help out with meds and medicare as an insurance. Another thing is if you are in the US you can apply for medicaid, you can have a pre-existing condition and they don't charge you anything. Hope this helps
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If he cannot afford coverage, Medicaid can help. Medicaid is federally funded health insurance offered to low-income individuals.  Check your state program - each state has its own Medicaid program.
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