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asymptomatic CHF Diagnosis

I feel like i have heart failure, it may just be anxiety and probably is but i guess I'm asking this for some reassurance
I am a 22 year old obese male and i have been having difficulty breathing, some weird heart rate changes(mostly resting heart rate dropping 10-20bpm at random), dry cough, I've also been in a fog lately.
I have seen my Doctor 5 times over the last 2 weeks and they have done many tests, 8 different blood panels (including liver function), chest xray, 3 ekgs, checked for fluid buildup in my ankles, and of course listened to my heart and lungs on each visit. But each time I've seen him I haven't been having these symptoms, so I was wondering if CHF can be diagnosed with those tests if I am asymptomatic at the time of the tests.
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The low heart rate and the fog are not symptoms of HF.

However if you really have HR in the 10-20 range you should get a Holter test  where your heart is continuously monitored during 24 hours.

The key test that can give indication of heart failure are a blood test (looking for BNP levels) and a cardiac echography to see the size and movement of the heart.  

Given your age and symptoms, have your thyroids been checked ??

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I ended up in the ER just 2 days ago .. It started with not feeling well short of breath and feeling a heaviness on my chest to a very rapid heart rate  ..I have had a dry cough for a while and when I got to the ER they ran a bunch of blood work and hooked me to an ekg  machine ..they found out that my bad cholesteral (LDL) is at 170!!! I was blown away im 45  5'5" and weigh 135 ?? Im not over weight and I always eat healthy Ive never smoked so I was confused ..they also said my potassium level was low and gave me  2 potassium pills to take ..also that my enzymes were elevated.. they admitted me in the ICU for two days I had an echo done first and then another one with my stress test  I also had a cat scan ..but they found nothing at all that indicated I had a heart attack .. I was sent home and now i cant move off the couch im exausted and  if i get up and walk even to go to the bathroom im out of breath and my heart pounds out of my chest ...another weird symptom was I had a low grade temp 100.5 to 100.8 while in the hospital  ..If Im laying down im ok I just cant do anything else I feel depressed and want my life back could this all be caused by dehydration ?? everyone says i never drink enough fluids some days barely a full glass of water and some days alot more im drinking gatorade right now but it hasnt helped my symptoms yet ??  oddly enough i was never hooked to and iv with fliuds i wonder if that would have helped me ..
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OK, you did not have a HA, but did they give you any diagnose??

Is your hearth of normal size? Do you have the reports of the echos?

Have you been prescribed any medication?

The feeling of been exhausted, did you already have it before leaving the hospital?

I am not a doc, but I do not think that those symptoms are a consequence of dehydration.

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sorry it took so long to get back i am new to this site and didnt know you had to sign back in uugh anyway to your first post I did have an echo done I also had a stress test done .. both normal except shodowing in my echo which I guess some people have ??they said my potassium was too low and gave me a tablet ..they never gave me an iv of anything and never mentioned dehydration ..I left the hospital after 3 days in the ICU without answers i was crying and said the nurse what do I do ??she asked if I had a history of anxiety I said I had had panic attacks before but this was different .. I have been looking or answers for a while now ..even investigating anxiety because when they sent me home they gave me a script for xanax .25mg and i have used twenty of the 30 tabs in almost 60 days I was told to try to take them on the onset of the rapid heart rate and see if it helps ..well it did a little but now in the recent week i get flutters in my heart like its skipping beats !!! will this ever end ?? to be honest the only thing I found out is that my bad cholesterol was really high 170 and they put me on meds for that I have no idea what they tested me for thyroid etc because this hospital is notorious for not giving the best care unfortunately its the closest to me ....Im just frustrated and feel like giving up
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Did your got the results of your thyroid test??

This is a very wise test to perform since thyroid anomalies can produce high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cardiac arrhythmias.

I am not sure that taking XANAX just on a needed basis is the right way of doing it. As I read it it take up to 2 hours to get into the blood. You can have a look at the XANAX information here, but please do not get worry by the side effects, all the medicaments have them:


I personally think that we cannot solve a long term problem just by going to ER. Do you have any possibility to get a doctor that periodically check on you and do analysis of your electrolytes, lost of potassium can occur again and indeed it can produce the symptom that you describe.

If it happens again, the cause should be investigated, and perhaps you need permanent treatment for it.

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im 35 and have almost the same thing !! I get tried while walking and getting up from bed i can feel my heart pounding followed by papitations but also feel dizzy all day. Trying to have sex my heart hurts bad after. i have been in ICU did the ekg and echo also tons of blood work and it all came back fine and they gave me ativan only. said its all in my head and i need to see a shrink !! I've been like this for 2 months about and still feeling like crap 24\7 and dont know what to do man
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forgot to mention that i sweat at night and even light walking makes me sweaty and clammy and chest pain ,leg pain, arm pain But they say im fine !!!!!!!
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What more can you share about thyroid levels?  I have been suffering from heart disease and high cholesterol for decades and STILL feel naive- my diet has changed to reflect my diagnosis but I am a littl lost .  Guff, I feel for you, hang in there and be tough!
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