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burning between breasts

My Mom had triple bypass surgery in Jan. and she still is having a lot of pain and burning sensation between her breasts.  She sweats bad there at night and it is a sticky discharge.  She is very worried about it, but the dr. said this is something to do with chemicals coming out of her body from smoking for 50 years too.  She did quit the day of her surgery and has not smoked since.  Any help on the burning sensation would be appreciated.  Thanks
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I'm not a doctor, but that doesn't sound right (at all) to me. Did the doctor(s) say she had an infection at her incision site after the bypass? After almost 2 months, that incision should be well on its way to healing. I would call the surgeon (not her primary doctor, etc.)    and ask for an appointment so they can examine your Mom and find out what's going on.  
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How is your mom? Can you elaborate on the sticky discharge coming out from between her breasts? Burning sensation and pain may point to neurological causes and needs to be evaluated further. If her pain medications do not help, she may need to have a stronger prescription medicine as well. Direct clinical examination is important. Take care and do keep us posted.
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