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I am a 52 year old female. Last march went to er with severe shortness of breath rapid heart beat fatigue on and on. Echo was ordered on my release. The results showed I have mitral valve regurge and prolapse. moderate to severe. Have had three more echo's over the last year and this last one states I have mild to moderate mvp. I'm confused. I have shortness of breath all the time rapid heart beat skipping heartbeats bad night sweats wake up dripping wet and I'm way past menopause. Super fatigued all the time. My echo reports are so different in there readings. Who is right? Abnormal aorta: brief scan yields diameter of 1.8 mitral valve:leaflets are thickened, mild-moderate regurgitation. no stenosis. tricuspid valve: moderate regurgitation. trace pulmonic regurgitation. pa systolic pressure is 25mmHg assuming a right atrial pressure of 5 mmHg left ventricular systolic function is normal. visually estimated ejection fraction is 60-65/% left ventricular diastolic function is abnormal grade II/IV regurgitation AV none MV 1-2+ TV 2+ PV trace ........my research has shown that it is better to do valve repair before it damages the heart. My cardiologist says no surgery. I have found out that the out come is not as good after the heart starts to enlarge. how good are these results? One doctor told me that they are only as good as the person doing them. That does not make me feel very assured. I have heaviness in my chest all the time and am tired all the time. Worried that I should be having surgery and the doctors I have don't think so. I don't want to damage my heart
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

It sounds like you do indeed have the condition called "mitral valve prolapse" or MVP.  The majority of patients with MVP do NOT need surgery but you do need to have your heart monitored regularly (usually annually) to ensure, like you correctly suggested, that you do not develop heart dysfunction.  Typically, you would not perform valve surgery unless the mitral regurgitation is severe.  If severe, the question then becomes how well is your heart performing under those circumstances.  Given your relatively young age, however, if you were to progress to severe MR, there is a strong likelihood that you might need surgery in the future, however, it is all about timing.

Make sure you feel comfortable with your cardiologist and that you have received a 2nd opinion.  

Also, although the symptoms that you are experiencing (ie the heaviness, sweats, etc) are legitimate, please be reassured that they do NOT signify that your heart is damaged or becoming damaged...they are just symptoms that many people with MVP will experience from time to time. But this type of reassurance is often very helpful for patients.

Wishing you all the best,

Dr. Rich
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