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help please

should methadone be mixed with diasapam (valium) and oxycodone (percocet)?
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Methadone and benzos (valium) can be a deadly combination. There are some instances where methadone and oxycodone are taking together in pain management. But that is only when the daily dose of methadone is very low. If someone is taking the methadone and oxycodone on their own, and is not medically supervised, it too may be deadly. It couild cause respiratory failure.
Are you taking these 3 drugs?
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Try not to take benzos with Methadone. I have lost some of my best friends because of the combination of drugs that you speak of. They died! Please be careful with Methadone and other drugs. I took 135mgs of Methadone for about a year. My counselor expressed the dangers of benzos and done, I didn;t listen really until I seen my best buddy laying in a casket. FOR REAL. Be Safe
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I hope you arent doing this.  It is a deadly combination.
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there has been so many peole n my area overdosing and dying bc they r mixing methadone and benzos togeather. plus they r also mixing methadone and other drugs , like heroin , pain killers, etc,. they keep taking more of the pills bc they r not feeling the effect of the pills bc of the methadone blocking them  and then they overdose b4 they know it. its very dangerous and i also hope ur not doing this.
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no  i am not my mom was and she passed away on the 27 and i'm trying to gather info on this subject to get the doctor for malpractice because he prescribed every one of the meds to her and i know he knew it was wrong to do she had congestive heart failure and now she's gone due to massive heart attack and i believe the pill combo is the reason why
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oh my...im sorry to hear about ur mom passing away. my heart goes out to ya. ur n my prayers.
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That is so sad and I am sincerely sorry to hear about you losing your mom.  My life spiraled out of control for awhile after losing my father in 2001 to a massive heart attack.  To this day, I am unable to discuss it and it is probably an underlying issue of my addiction.
The doctors should be help accountable and I wish you the best with your lawsuit.  I responded to a post earlier today where I was just talking about doctors being glorified drug dealers, often with disregard for patients...they will prescribe anything it seems.  Although it is not called 'commission', that is exactly what they get from pharmaceutical companies for pushing their drugs.  So many lives have been disrupted and ruined because of the negligence of doctors -
Again, I am so sorry for your loss, if you ever need to talk, feel free to email me.
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with this and other information that i have found i am going after the doctor and he is going to loose his doctor license if it's the last thing i do because all the info i have found shows that she should not have been given these medications together AT ALL and he knew it
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