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ideas on what to ask for?

Im a 23 year old female, having pretty severe worsening symptoms over the past 8 months. Symptoms include, extreme skipped heart beats and flutters/flops.. that are very obvious, causing a strange feeling sent through my chest and arms immediately following some skipped beats. Slight occasional chest pain . Also a feeling of weakness in my chest, like my heart is barely able to continue beating, which causes me to be extremely tired and out of breath. Feeling fatigued and like i will pass out (i have not as of yet). I sometimes feel as though i have episodes of this weakness with my heart, as in i am fine for a while, then ill wake up feeling off and be this way all day or days. I had blood work (not sure exactly what) but my doc said all was well. Had an echo he also said was good, a holter (24hrs) revealed a heart rate of 130bpm at times, but really nothing more. But i did not have an episode in that 24hrs. The doc is mad that i requested a referral to a cardiologist, but i cant go on being told im fine when i know im not. Any ideas??
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