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my heart stops beating

Im 23 and have episodes were my heart stops beating for up to 4 seconds .. as this happens my body rushes with what i can only describe as adrenaline i have no previous heart conditions or any other conditions ... im scared it may stop and not start again any help would be great thanks
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my only suggestion for you to see a dr as soon as you possibly can.  You posted this 2 days ago, I hope you've been able to see someone.  I would be truly interested in knowing what you find out. Take care
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i have been to my gp who have done 3 diff ecg ... and came up with nothing .. i went back yesterday for another but there booking me in for a 24 hour one as this happens to me whilst relaxing or getting ready to sleep at night witch makes it even more scarier ... my gp and the gp at the hospital said up to 5 seconds is safe but this cant be normal if i havnt experienced it before now and for how suddenly it has came on .. butwhen i get my results ill keep you posted .. thank you anyways
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thanks anyways
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