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pleural effusion due to chf help!!

Hello i need your help!!please!
My dad had hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and had an icd/pacemaker in 2012,also on lobivon angoron and atrost since then.
• Suddenly in january  2017 after a cold-gastrenderitis he experienced shortness of breath and fatigue.In March 2017 he was admitted and diagnosis atrial fibrillation and pleural effusion especially left lung.His cardiologist denied this was from heart so no new medicines and unfortunately we believed him so from april till june he was in and out of hospital trying to get a diagnosis.he also had fluids drained by pulmonologists but no lasix so it was reproducing fast.after many tests pulmologists and thoracic doctors insisted it was from heart.
ef 30-35 bp around 90/65 salt reduced water intake reduced.hiis weight is very normal/thin after all he lost around 10kilos during two months time.but now stable kilos.
In july we visited a doctor in a specialised heart hospital here in our country but in an other city,one of the three in charge of heart transplants.she was shocked she prescribed proper medicine i think 4 more and lasix.this was just avisit not admission.
since then we have been talking with this doctor and we realised that oral llasix does not work because fluids were there for a long time and there is also atelectasis.so she wants him to go and be admitted in order to get rid of fluid in any wayand with the simultaneous proper dosage of lasix he will not have any or at least not so much build up again.
He has sometimes severe shortness of breath when he walks or even when sometimes talks but during all this period every time he had fluids drained he felt much better .no severe when walking not at all when talking when drained.july august september no fluids drained because he wants to visit this doctor again but there is fluid.
so do you think all this breathlessness is also from thw fluids and if we get rid of them he will be generally better?is there any possibiliTy that he will never ger rid of them?or at least most of them?has anyone experienced something similar?please help
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