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reoccurrent chest pressure

I have NICM with ICD. Recently had to miss 4 doses of solalol and began to experience chest pain, pressure, and SOB.
I went to the local ER after several days of being back on my regular dose of meds and symptoms had not improved.
EKG was okay, no arrythmia while there and INR was 3 (I'm on warfarin and thought INR may be low) so sent home on IMDUR.  A Carelink sent to my electrophysiologist did not show atrial fib.  Last cath in 2011 showed no blockages and ejection fraction 40.  Chest pain has improved but I still experience chest pressure and discomfort that spreads to between my shoulders with SOB when walking outside or too fast.  I am also experiencing weight gains of 2 to 4 lbs over a couple of days but no cough.  Should I be concerned?  
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Hello and welcome to the forum:

It is difficult to know what exactly to attribute your current symptoms to but I do think it warrants an evaluation by your cardiologist.  Given your normal cath in 2011, I would not expect this to be related to coronary blockages but if these symptoms persist, a stress test may not be unreasonable.

The other thing to consider is that this could represent a mild form of heart failure (ie the weight gain, shortness of breath, and chest pain/pressure) might suggest a little extra fluid on board...A thorough physical exam by your doctor should help determine if this is going on.

Hard to say whether you should be concerned. I wouldnt worry too much but I also would not ignore the symptoms.  Make an appt with your cardiologist.  

All the best,

Dr. Rich
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