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My cardiologist put me on ramipril a few wks back and after 10 days ran blood tests whic came back normal. this morning I woke up with diarriah and some serious kidney pain on the right side.It doesn't hurt when I urinate or have a bowel movement  although certain body movements cause it to occur. My question is can this be caused by ramipril along with my lasix and potassium with a delayed reaction or buildup?
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      Yes, ramipril can cause diarrhea while your body adjusts to this drug. But it is not serious and should subside with time. Also, caution should be maintained while concommitantly using potassium supplements with this drug. Pain in the flank region could be due to various reasons like renal stones, muscle spasm, urinary tract infection etc. I would recommend that you get a urine analysis, ultrasound abdomen and consult a urologist for further assistance on this. Best.
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Okay. How long before the diarrhea goes away? I am going on a week.  It is not pleasant
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