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what is the life expectancy of someone with 36% heart function

I would like to know what a persons life expectancy is if they have only 36% heart function. This person has cancer and takes medication for it, also has had a lung removed due to cancer.
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It’s extremely difficult to predict the life expectancy just based on the EF as a lot of other factors play a role in the same. For e.g. the cancer, side effects of the medications for the same, the pulmonary functions etc. All these are vital deciding factors in the overall outcome/prognosis. Moreover, 36% EF is not that bad as some of my patients with lesser EF have survived for > 5 years. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.

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When you say 36% , I presume you mean the person's ejection fraction is 36%. 8 years ago, a stress test gave my ejection fraction as 20%. Over the years with the help of medications, it has varied from 30-43% ( For a healthy person ejection fraction is 55-70%).
So despite impaired heart function , I am still here, working and enjoying a near normal life.
On the other hand, every case is different. However, if the person's cancer is  in remission then who knows, he or she could have many years to enjoy life on earth.
Best wishes
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