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Have any of you looked in to banking your baby's cord blood? My husband and I are looking into it and I would love to hear the thoughts of others.

Have any of you had your baby's cord blood collected and stored? If so, what company did you choose and why?
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We looked into it, but the fact that there is little oversight of the private companies doing it, and certainly no guarantee they will still even be in existence in 20, 30 or 40 years if the child needs the cord blood, put us off.  
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I head something once that made some since. If everyone just donates their cord blood, then there would always be a supply to possibly help us if we need it. Just a thought, if you aren't going to store it, at least donate it.
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We did do it.  We chose a private company rather then a public one.  I agree with Annie's comments, but storage is only about $50 a year, so it seemed like an ok risk to us.  Initial collection was about $1000.00.  

They can currently cure about 75 different diseases with it.  By the time our son is older and with the advancements they are making, who knows how many?  It just seemed a good gamble to us and if we have another we will do it with them as well.
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The numbers adgal is quoting seem about 1/3rd of what we had seen at the time.  With numbers like that, the financial part of it makes more sense, given that you trust the company's longevity.  There is a public cord-blood effort, to store cord blood sort of like a blood bank, but I don't know that much about it.
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You need to know that your child very likely won't be able to use his cord blood, it's generally best to use it for a sibling. Because if your child develops a cancer later, well his blood cord will be pretty useless because they'll very likely be cancerous as well. This was explained to me by a person from the national blood bank in my town.

Now you also need to know that you need a minimum of blood in the cord for it to be useful... not sure if private companies tell you that! I have a feeling they make you pay no matter the volume.

I tried to donate mine to the national blood bank in the US but unfortunately there was not enough volume. So I agreed that they at least could use it to calibrate the instrument... not as useful as I wish it would have been!
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They did tell us the sample was small, but we opted to keep it anyway.  Our thought was that today it might be too small, but again with the advancements in technology, who knows what will happen down the road.  None of the other things were explained, although makes sense when you explain it.  

Annie, I am going to double check those numbers (when I can find the contract..lol, am in the middle of packing here).  I know for certain the $1000 is accurate, and am pretty certain on the storage costs.  Ryder was born 2 years after Augie, so maybe costs have come way down.  

I don't know...even with all the negatives it still seems like a good bet to me.  I can still say I am glad I did it.  I am of course hoping we never actually need to use it, but it does feel like a bit of extra insurance to me.  Sounds like I probably should have researched it more though.
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We have looked into it as well.  Right now we have a quote for the cord blood and tissue for $2,500 with an annual storage fee of $250.00 thereafter.  This is through Cord Blood Registry.  We are currently waiting for information from Viacord.
We believe that we if this cord blood can help our child, now or in the future or anyone for that matter than it is definitely worth the cost.
The representatives from both places seem very supportive, but of course they are salesman.  
We will definitely be making a decision on which one and will let you know.  
You never know what the future holds in medical technology.  Look at the stem cell progress to date, it is truly amazing.
Good luck in your search and if you find out anymore information I would love to hear about it.
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"Now you also need to know that you need a minimum of blood in the cord for it to be useful... not sure if private companies tell you that! I have a feeling they make you pay no matter the volume."

I spoke to a rep from Viacord last night and she said that they only charge if the cord blood collected is adequate.
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Thanks so much for all the feedback.

@adgal I would love more info on the company you used. The three I've gotten information from are all quite a bit more than what you paid.

I looked into the public bank option, but there is no hospital in my state (Oklahoma) that collects cord blood for a public bank. The nearest one is in Dallas, Tx which is about 5 hours away.

I had heard that for some things, you can't use the child's own cord blood (for leukemia for example). Since this child will be my last and has no siblings in need of stem cells or bone marrow, I asked the Viacord rep about this. She said that most of the new therapies using stem cells are only possible with autologus stem cells (the child's own, not a donor).

It is a lot to think about. I have been quoted statistics saying 1 in 217 to 1 in 400 children will need a therapy in their lifetime that would use their stem cells...but given that the numbers vary I have to wonder how valid they are. I've seen so-called scientific studies whose methodology was so flawed, the conclusions were absolutely not reliable...so I am alway sceptical of quotes from any study when I haven't seen the study and looked at the methodology.
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DH just got home and I checked with him.  He confirmed it was about $1000 for initial collection, but told me that we are paying about $125 a year for storage, so I was off on that number.  Christine, I am a Canadian and we are with a company out of Vancouver B.C. called Lifebank.  Not sure if they are in the US or not.  I also went to their website and fees were about the same as they were when Ryder was born, but it does say fees applicable to Canadian births only.
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I didn't bank either of our two son's. It wasn't an option in the UK when our first was born and I didn't even think about it with the second, wish I had. If we have another I will bank that child's cord blood privately. My oldest child has brain injury and autism and I am already reading good things about stem cell treatment for brain injury and autism; I hope that if we had another child that that cord blood could one day go to improving the quality of life my oldest child has.
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I knew they were doing things with stem cells and brain injury but didn't know about autism.  Very interesting. I am trying to remember what all the info I read said with regards to siblings.  I know that parents were a 50% of of being a match and grandparents a 25% chance, but I can't remember what siblings were.  I guess it would make sense that a match there would be almost a sure thing?  Others seem to know so much more about this then I.  We just thought it seemed like a good idea.  Who knows what benefits it will hold in the future?  I was surprised to find out we were paying $125 a year, I had thought it less then that (DH sort of takes care of all the budgeting and finances in our house), but I still think it is worth it, even though they did let us know the sample was on the small side.
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Lifebank USA is one of the companies I've gotten info from and they are a bit more expensive here in the US $1775 plus $125 a year for cord blood alone and $3175 plus $225 for cord blood plus placental blood (which is supposed to give you more stem cells).

Each company has their own exclusive upgrade. LifebankUSA is the placental blood and Viacord is cord tissue...I can't recall what CBR has as their expensive upgrade LOL

I am really leaning toward banking cord blood...now I just have to figure out what company to use and whether the upgrade is worth paying for...
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Since this topic was just moved from Pregnancy 35 Plus to the Cord Blood forum (I didn't know there was a cord blood forum!), I thought I would bump it for some more feedback in this new forum.

Since I originally posted my question, I have learned a little more about cord blood and am leaning toward NOT doing this because in order to collect the cord blood they have to clamp and cut the cord ASAP after birth to collect. I am VERY adamant that I want the cord left alone until it stops pulsing...I think my baby needs that blood NOW more than a theoretical future maybe.

That said...Lifebank does offer the placental option...but you have to do both initially and then they adjust the pricing if the cord blood isn't sufficient. So, that option is still in consideration...
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It would be great if you store your baby's cord blood since it is helpful in the treatment of diseases in the future. I guess you can check with Lifecell as I have been noticing their ads on TV. They charge very less compared to other banks.
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what is the cost of buying one unit cord blood in India
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Ladies thank you so much for sharing. I was quoted a much higher price. I will now look around and try to find a better company than the one my doctor works with.
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