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Cord blood banking

Is anyone else doing cord blood banking?  If so which company are you going with?

I am doing it and I think I'm going with cord blood registry.
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I am thinking about it.  I was adamant I wasn't doing it with my daughter or son but I think I might just put it in the public cord bank to help those children with the rare diseases.  I have read a bit about it but I do need to read a little more before I make my final decision.  The public one is free and if it can help another child I am happy to do it.  I did make sure they didn't use it for cloning.  I might even change my mind and not do it when the time comes.
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I am thinking about it.... You have to look at the list of illnesses your ALOUD to use it for cause I just took my 4 year old son to Panama in July for stem cells to help treat his autism.... Cause they will not do it in canada or the states.... There are many things that you can treat with stemcells overseas that you can't in the states and Canada... It cost me 25 thousand dollars to do this for my son but it was worth every penny (It was a 0 risk procedure, it's ridiculous that it can't be done here!) I am thinking of storing the cord blood privately so I can take it over seas with me...
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No, I dont plan to.....
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Majikat that is amazing that you can use it for autism overseas!  I'd love to hear more. Are your sons symptoms completely gone? Or how much improvement?  I love learning more :)
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It was never intended to be used as a cure.... it is hit or miss with everybody that tries it, some people take their kids and get 0 improvements.... with Hayden i saw improvement within 2 days getting back to Canada.... before we went I was trying to teach him his basic colors for over five months with 0 success (green,red,orange,yellow,blue) so as i was saying within 2 days of being home he brought a toy to me and pointed at all the colors on the toys and labeled them  lol I was shocked! it was amazing (its funny how something that seems ridiculously easy to us is so amazing to see him do!) other than that his speech has grown tremendously.... his patients.... before the treatment it was hard for me to do ANYTHING with him and now things are so laid back.... he is sitting for long periods of time opposed to his 5 seconds he used to do.... he is starting to interact with other children..... the improvements may seem like nothing to people that don't see kids like him but the improvements that he has made are amazing! I am so happy that we did it for him and we are planning on doing again in a year or so.... it was worth every cent and I have not one regret even if i saw no improvements from it i would have still been happy that I tried it cause if i didn't I would always be wondering what if..... on the side note It was the most stressful thing I have ever been through and the pregnancy hormones did not help at all lol and I hated it there..... my moms uncle actually just went over there to get stem cells for his MS I guess after he heard about what it did for Hayden he wanted to give it a try and also a friends grandfather is going after hearing about our experience also so its really cool that our experience is actually helping others too!!!!
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We will do public banking for sure. But we are still researching the private banking to decide if the cost is worth our signing up. I think we will but haven't made a final decision.
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Majikat wow that is absolutely amazing!  I have worked with children with autism for years and I never knew about this. It's so wonderful to know there are other options even if not in our country. You are such an amazing mother!  
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Awww thank you for your support it really means a lot! It's amazing what can be done with stem cells and I am very thankful for what they have done for my son....
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Hearing your story really makes me confident that I do want to do cord blood banking. It's expensive but worth every penny for the reassurance if something goes wrong we have the stem cells just in case. G-d willing none of us will ever need them!
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I don't get why it is so expensive? It is like saying you baby is only worth saving if you have money what is this world coming too when doctors have the tools to save many lives but will only give it to you if you have the money????????????????????????? I find this sad I would love to save my baby's cord blood but cant afford it.
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