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cord blood cells

Hi, everyone,

We are expecting a baby and are planning to bank cord blood stem cells. However, mom-to-be has hepatatis B and we are wondering if having the decease makes the stem cells contaminated and unusable in future.

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I doubt that the shord blood would be accepted without being tested for these problems. Ask and insist that this be done to ensure the viability of the blood.

I hope this helps,

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I saw your questions below but couldn't reply there because the thread is maxed out, so hope you don't mind I put it here.
Yes I take spiro (200 mg. per day) and lasix (60 mg. per day).
Was in hospital for 9 days-- got drained while there.
Got out of the hospital Wednesday.

My second day out of the hospital (Fri.) I read the post about punishment, etc, etc, etc, (ad nauseum), and it rubbed me the wrong way. Still does (no matter if it's a hepper or someone not-infected saying it)

Thank you for your concern. I hope your doing well, and your right--- never give up.
Everyday above ground is a good day.

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<a href="">i hope this helps - thanbey speaks</a>
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somebody took the time to do a lot of cutting and pasting...very interesting is it accessed from aol?
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No, I have a program that does it all very quickly.

More to come ...
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If, as I suspect, this posting is an attempt to get around prohibitions on direct bashing of other members of the forum, you should be ashamed of yourself.
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Shame on you.  Quit the ****, some of us need this information and I appreciate the time this person takes in helping us. We don't all have to take this as God's word - you are insulting us by thinking we can't make up our own minds. Jealously does not become you...........KK
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I am glad I have a life as it is evident you have none if this is all you have to do with your spare time.  No one cares about how hateful and low down one as you could get please leave and take your trash out with you
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who would want to access this sight???
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Why post under all these alias?  If you click on the link above the url is:  It's already obvious Scott and Revenire are the same, and now he has added Return.  Revenire/scott/return, I say this in all sincerity, perhaps you need to seek help - you are showing serious signs of a person with an unhealthy obsession.

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my suspicions confirmed
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This is so scary....I guess we really don't know anymore who we are really talking to as this site has turned into a site for playing games.
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Please try to control your feelings. Those are just quotes from ______, direct quotes. If they have offended you, consider the source, not the messenger.
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This sort of stuff happens every weekend.........
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Who appointed you messenger?  
BTW - We have minds of our own and we CAN read!!
We are here to help each other not hurt each other...
We are all dealing with enough hurt (in one form or another) already!!
Take your insecurities & instigating elsewhere!
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They are just simple, direct quotes -- sorry if they touch such a nerve. I have no opinion on them.

It is nice to see so many new names posting too!

I hope this helps.
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Who could possibly be hurt by posting direct quotes?

Maybe it is the truth that hurts?
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Why so hostile? If the above quotes bother you, or anyone else for that matter, might I suggest you ignore them? It really has nothing to do with you exce[t on a broad level, in that you have HCV.

I didn't write the quotes posted, merely repeated them "offsite". I don't believe any of this concerns you.

I haven't insulted anyone and if you feel insulted I can't help you there.

Let's not suggest I drift away. That hurts my feelings.
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I am sorry you feel this way but I defend your right to feel and say anything you want (as long as it is within the rules of Med Help).

I hope you're having a nice Saturday.
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I am fairly new to this board.  I have never seen any posting about dementia and obsessive behavior as side effects to treatment.  Can you or have you seen this since you have been on this forum for a longer period of time than I.

drifting by
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Yes, the medicine to cure HCV can cause all sorts of mental problems but so can the disease itself or not treating it.

Perhaps ______ can provide you a more detailed answer.

I hope this helps.
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Interesting site.  I think the summary of quotes could be helpful to anyone considering the unsolicited advice we sometimes get on this forum.  If I remember right, these quotes came from a variety of persons.  They are accurately represented and respectfully stated- what's the problem?
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You say these are quotes from a variety of persons.  revenire, scott, return, are all one in the same. How many other screen names does he use in this forum to support his views he has lost all credibility in my eyes and probably everyone that can see through his childish games.

I can make up 10 different screen names to support my views also but I do not have to hide behind an alias.  

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First of all, they are simple quotes. I am sorry you find them offensive but I didn't say them -- perhaps you're confused? You, and a few others, get all worked up over what someone else said. I suggest yousave yourself these continual emotional outbursts and take issue with those that made the original statements.

I don't think I am clever at all -- the website speaks for itself. I have added no editorial commentary.

If you have a problem with polite discussion I can only direct you to complain to Med Help.

BTW - I am still on treatment -- week 64 -- but no riba and thanks for the concern.
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I don't have a variety of "masks" -- revenire means return in Latin and everyone knows my name is Scott.

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In this case tx is not the cause since this particular person is finished with treatment.  If depression can be triggered by tx, maybe psychosis, paranoia, etc. I doubt it is a significant risk, but to be honest, I really don't know. Again though, I don't think that is the case here.


I do have a right to feel anything I want, but I don't have a right to say anything I want, and neither do you.  What you are doing is harassment, plain and simple, and harassment is against the rules of MedHelp. What you are doing is offensive to people who do not like to see someone continuously and needlessly targeted.  And it is very obvious who your targeting; omitting the name itself does not absolve you of being guilty of attacking this individual.  Perhaps you feel your being clever - you're not - you're being childish.  You have often times shown yourself to be caring to many people who have posted; it is baffling why you continue to pursue this agenda to the detriment of your own character.

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Like I said, the actual quotes are from a variety of persons.  They are not all from the person who collected them and posted them on a website.  There is a common theme developed over a period of time between a person who offers unsolicited advice here and a variety of others who come here for mutual support.  Seeing these in one place may be helpful or they may make you hopping mad- depends on your point of view.  Some find the unsolicited advice useful- others take issue with the stuff.
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Someone in another thread recently gave me some good advice which is essentially it is no good arguing with someone who is closed minded.  This person has an agenda, and there is nothing you or I can say to stop it.  It can't last forever.  I am going to ignore this persons posts as I would ignore a child throwing a temper tantrum when they can't get their way.  I think I have had too much time on my hands over the last few days to have gotten involved in this stupidity.  I am going to watch Saturday Night Live now - it looks like a good one.  Have a great night!

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Sheesh! Let's watch SNL and forget about it.

I will tell you the quotes are not mine and I will tell you what's what if you like. Let me know ... if not, just let it alone.

I hope you have a good Sunday.
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WHO does not like you? I cannot imagine not liking you; you are one of the brightest and the best on the forum.

How are you doing honey? I just want you to know I am thinking of you.

Chicago is looking pretty good today too!!
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It is 9:15 CST. I just put color on my hair, I hope it is not too soon, hope I will still have hair when I rinse it off, lol.

I am still pretty sick, but it is only 4 days post tx. I am a little nervous tx damaged something in my stomach, there is a lump above my navel, I can feel it. I know I have a hiattal hernia but there is a lot of pain in that area after I eat. I am hoping as the meds wear off things will normaalize - we will see.

I wish you were close too; it is a nice day to play outside with a friend.

Be well, honey.
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Yes, I agree with you.  Get rid of the sucker!  If you can't do treatment or it hasn't worked for you then look for alternatives.
BUT..A lot of factors go into that making that decision.  What's right for some is not right for others. It's a decision everyone with HCV will have to make.  That's why this board is so important.  We get perspective from every angle to help with our decision making.  
It's a picture perfect day here in Ft. Lauderdale too and I really like this time change.  We get to play outside later into the evening  :-)
Enjoy your garden!
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The cord blood AND mammas blood are always tested for HBV(or should be) prior to acceptance for storage. Generally the presence of Hbv is grounds for rejection....BUT, I think the rules may be different if the reason for the storage is for personal use only. Generally a baby born to an infected mother is followed and tested for awhile for Hbv after birth. If the beby then does not develop Hbv the stem cells could "possibly" be considered safe.That would be a question for a GOOD hepatologist.

To the rest of you......I want to go "On Record" as stating again that I will NOT participate in the attacking of ANYONE here. I support the free flow of ideas on any subject. SOME people seem to have "Obvious" agendas of their own and I find that unfortunate. It supresses the flow of ideas and it just "feels" bad when ya read it. It's obvious to me that some folks here really don't like some other people.....almost to the point of obsession. It is NOT pretty to read or watch.
Hell..."some" people don't like me either,or rather the things I say, and thats ok. I do not mind anyone telling me how they feel about long as we don't have to read the personal attacks almost daily. Emotions run high when you have a disease and some leeway has to be given to those involved in a fight for their lives. But daily attacks are not productive and in themselves drive away the very people you are so worried about saving.
I am one of the most opinionated people here and you don't see me going after ANYBODY on any personal level.
I am mostly Pro-Tx. I make NO secret of that. Some are not. While I may not agree with them, I certainly support their right to see this things that way and will support them in their decision wherever I possibly can. Sure, I may disagree with some of their views on parts of Hcv, but that does NOT mean that I would ever say they are "Wrong" for seeing things they way they do. I simply state my own opinion on whatever the given subject is and let the reader decide which to believe. This offers the reader "Food fo Thought"....and isn't that one of the reasons we come here in the first place?
Dispute the information by stating your own.... Don't dispute the person themselves......or whatever agenda you may think they may have. It's just tacky and turns people off to the point of driving them away.
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I hope you don't feel I am one of those who do not like you!  That is absolutely not the case.  I think you are very sweet and giving.  

You are also insightful into some of the reasons I decided to wait to treat.  My daughter is 13, waiting for 5 years does not seem like it would significantly hurt my chances of successfully tx, but if I treat now, I may not be as good a parent for her (and I am a single parent). She is at an age that is very challenging. In 5 years she will be old enough where I don't have to worry about being there for her as much as I need to be now.  Also, pegylated interferon is not FDA approved for children.  The combo tx is now, but with non-pegylated interferon.  My daughter's hepatologist strongly felt she should wait to treat.  My choices were to tx myself and not her now - I think if I cleared, I would feel terribly guilty that I have gotten rid of this and not her.  If she treated and I didn't, then if some sx from the tx permanently affected her (granted, a low possibility), we would have to live with that the rest of our lives, and since her biopsy shows Stage 0, it just isn't worth the risk.  Treating both of us at the same time, in addition to the reasons above, just seems like it would have been madness.  There are studies that show people infected as infants, like my daughter and I, do very well for the first 35 years, so I think we will be fine (unfortunately, this was not the case for Amanda, and I think about her often).   For both of us 5 years is not a long time to wait, and we will both be in a much better place to attempt any tx that is available.  For now, strategies to slow fibrosis seem to be the wisest path for us.


Well put.

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What i observed with this argument: that most of those upset over this new link are not  on tx , some names have defended this person every  step of the way, this particular link is of direct quotes by bonafide hcv pts and not by the same person.

My opinion; we are reading this link with the background knowledge of other encounters between those involved, without that background this link is of QUOTES.  That is not to say that at other times, other statements are not said purposely to bug this other person, and maybe is somewhat overdone.

Gwithhepc; you can't reach close minds, not condescending? I guess we all can sound that way sometimes?
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GOSH GUYS WHO IS------------is it me or Thanbey? the intire 2nd post on the "site" we are all discussing is word for word my responce to thanbey a couple posts down.  i'm curious who blank is,because i think the above statements could apply to either of us....

i will tell you why i keep an eye on Thanbey, (and by the way, i actually agree with alot of what she posts,and she is very informative).

however, i am scared..., i've been comming here for at least 2 years and this is the first time i have seen someone beat the bandwagon over and over again about the possible shortcommings of tx. THIS IS CAUSING FEAR AND DOUBT IN THIS COMMUNITY. SOME MAY GO OFF TX OR BE TOO AFRAID TO START WITH THIS KIND OF FEAR FACTOR DUG IN...  AND IT'S A FALSE SENCE OF SECURITY THAT YOU WILL BE FINE WITHOUT tx.

thanbey,s belief is based on the "ODDS" of the majority of those with hcv,and that they will not die from it but, rather something else first...she has said openly,"you will not die of hcv",because the odds are against it".

it makes me feel like defending my descion to stay on tx. some may be weaker than me and be sort of looking for a good reason not to follow thru on the tx,because it's so hard to take and the sides for some are serious...

as true as this may be, (although more and more is being discovered about hcv,and tx.  there have been continuous new findings and studies)...attitudes may be changing on this odds thing too...

quite frankly i am scared that someone who needs tx will be scared off and they will go thru what i saw my mom go thru. dieing of was so scarey and painful, that it causes me to be unable to keep my mouth shut...

so thanbey freaks me out when she casually talks about not doing tx and not dieing from it anyway. and the odds are in our favor for not dieing of it, but,

WE DON'T KNOW WHAT SIDE OF THE ODDS WER ARE ON!!!  will we be in the percentage that dies from this stupid disease? that's the risk WE take if we say no to tx.  we don't know for sure what side of the odds we are on...

tx is not for everyone, and it's not a 100%,sure cure,and it causes some very undesireable and possibly dangerous sides, but it's ALL WE HAVE RIGHT NOW to hang onto.

and for those who it is not an option and they must wait for other drugs...and my heart and prayers go out to them...

so i don't know if i crossed the line with my last post and others i posted. calling into account the statements of thanbey. i have nothing personal against her. i do respect her and agree with alot of what she posts. she is very knowledgable... but, when i hear something i know is wrong and may lead someone to make a wrong decision, that scares me cause i love all you guys and feel very pertective of my family here... i intend no fights with thanbey. i just want to be able to bring up a difference of opinion on posts i don't agree with.

please let me know if i have offended anyone. that surely was not my intent... andy thanbey, i'm sure i have offended you and i truly am sorry...but i will the "better safe than sorry type"...i will try to keep my posts less personal to you.
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