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Inconclusive Stress Test

Hi my name is Kimberly I am 42, overweight. non  smoker...

Never had high blood pressure or cholesterol . I have had Holter Monitors, Echo grams, Ekgs all normal ...and in Sept I had an exercise stress test.  When I went to have the stress test preformed, the doctor did not place the cuff on correctly. It get slipping and they kept having a problem getting it to work. During the test I felt fine. But the test kept taking the incorrect blood pressure measurements and over halfway through it , they stopped the test..

That was in Sept. I get a phone call today from the same doctor(it is a public doctor in Australia) asking me if I ever went to get my angiogram. Being a bit puzzled I told her I have not talked to anyone since  the Stress test. She vaguely remembered the stress test, but she said that there was a small dip on the bottom line *?) And I needed more testing.

She said the test was negative, but also inconclusive and I really needed further testing.. Im a bit worried as I live in remote Australia and will not be able to get this test done for 4 more weeks. Is it possible that stopping the test early, and not putting the cuff on correctly cause the inconclusive results? Thank you.
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You are entitled to a procedure report regarding your test.  I'd ask for the test results, read them, and then contact your doctor with your experience.  Keep us informed.
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42 yrs old, female, normal menstrual cycle, smoker, non diabetic, with high resting heart rate, normal blood pressure and quite high cholesterol levels.
I have also a very strange experience. Last September I had a treadmill stress test. I had to be checked because I had recurrent chest pains during effort.  The doctor during the examination told me it was normal but when I opened the file of my results, three days after the test, I saw that it was signed as positive. I am completely confused.
What to believe, doctor's words or her notes on the paper? She never told me what further evaluation should I do to check it. I have no idea what to do next.
I had a st depression of 2,8mm during the third part of the test. No arrytmia, just very rapid increasing of heart rate. The Duke Treadmill score was -11 indicating moderate risk for coronary artery disease but nobody told me what to do next.
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Best bet is to follow through and get more tests done, especially if you're in a remote location.

In your instance I would trust the notes since it is very possible they noticed something while reviewing the data to while writing their notes.
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