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Mysterious Chest Pain

I am 177 cm tall weighing 49kg. Thin built. Dr says may be marfanoid habitus or most MVPS will be tall and thin built ( I have very very mild MVPS - some drs says no MVPS). For the past 1 year I have been suffering from frequent chest pains (on a daily basis now). This lasts a few mts. Its achy, gripping or sharp (achy is more frequent). When it occurs hard to describe. It comes from no where - while walking, talking, sleeping, relaxing, meditating etc. The pain is retro sternal , one inch left to sternum (near the fourth rib), near the manubrium streni or rarely rare to describe.
Previous complaints: Before that (2 years till now) I had pain at manubrium sternal joint area on and off which the drs think costo or musculo skeletal with no improvement. No tenderness anywhere when touched. Taking PPI (rabi) till date on and off.(no heart burn history)
Test taken Multiple ECG not during pain, 1 treadmill, CT, MRI - thorax all turns negative. No cholesterol, sugar, BP on the lower side.
No family history, No smoking, No alcholol, No spicy, No drugs or habits - Moderately active life style - reduced exertion after these episodes (especially lifting weights). Type B personality trait. Takes every thing lightly except health issues.
The PPI should have resolved the chest pain but did not. No pain killers taken so far. No psychotropic drugs to mask the pain (like tryptomer) or Neurontin type of drugs. No tenderness costo unlikely (but dr says so)
Visited 2 cardio apart from my GP, gastro, pulmonogist were also in the list but of no use.

1. What is the cause for the chest pain? I know this is difficult but please suggest.
2. I asked about prinzmetal but dr refutes. He says it hard to diagnose unless ecg during Pain. My pain lasts a few mts before reaching the hospital. 24 hrs is of no use dr says in dx prinzmetal. Am I having prinzmetal? Erogonovaine challenge has been discontinued in all hospitals in US due to its high risk factor (I am from India and no one doing here)
3. Since its occurring for more than a year he says cardiac pain unlikely. Does that mean I don't have cardiac pain because by this time it would have blown?
Please give your suggestion whether Prinz is causing or some other else is the source for the pain at the earliest. Advance thanks a lot
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Your chest pain could be muscular or skelatal, which is more what it sounds like. Your pain does not sound like any kind of angina at all. Also, chest oain that occurs intermittently over a long period of days, months or years is rarely cardiac in nature. You have been checked out very well and to have something missed would be really rare.

Keep in touch with your doctor and let him know if anything changes. Ask him about Chostocondritis which is an inflammation of the rib cage that causes the pain you mention and takes years to resolve.

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